MemoTopo is a location based collective digital platform that offers the space for people from different ethnicities and identities of the same locality to discuss methods and means of representing themselves, and their heritage, especially in areas and communities, threatened by conflict.

MemoTopo will attempt to superimpose social networks with geographical location in virtual space, helping people of the same locality to reproduce and represent their local social networks and share their memories. The intended result will be to resist the consequences of colonial approaches in physical and virtual spaces.

On the MemoTopo, people’s profile will be set on their present or former local geographical location, and by building personal id and profiles, they can get in contact with the local communities and share memories, stories, narratives, and events.

MemoTopo tries to respond and deal with following challenges:

  • How it can give the users the chance to define what is heritage and what is not?
  • How it can strengthen the collective unity of the locals of the same Geographical area and at the same time help the locals to present the diverse and multiple layers of their identity?
  • How this might also have an impact on the geographical location itself in return and the international actions regarding the imagination of the possible future of these traumatized zones?