Phase 0

MemoTopo is a virtual meeting point that helps you connect and share with your local communities!

Localscape plays a prominent role in the construction of self and the collective, national, ethnic and sectarian groups. All tangible and intangible elements in the urbanscape play an essential role in forming the individual and collective identity, be they designated or undesignated.The development of local identity provides a sense of continuity, of uniqueness in comparison to others parts of the world, as well as creating an affiliation. It is linked to clusters of perception in the form of images, memories, facts, ideas, beliefs, values and behavioral tendencies relevant to the individual’s existence in his/her socio -physical environment. Locals also define themselves through the history of their common experiences, relationships and the social frameworks to which they belong within their locality. This can include friends, family, citizens, and compatriots.

In the cases in which these ties are broken, an important part of an individual and a collective identity will be traumatized. This can be the case, especially with intentionally armed conflict where cultural sites and monuments face a higher risk of being damaged. This can lead to an elimination of all traces of individual and community existence. In extreme cases, this is done in order to replace the presence of the former social memory with a new one, representing the other face of degeneration, genocide, holocaust, apartheid, and carnage.

The majority of post-conflict rebuilding approaches lack and exclude the presence of former locals who were affected by forced displacement for producing and reproducing the locality in this specific zone. They tend to be kept out of the decision-making process. The current colonial behavior within the social media and social entrepreneur circles means that they rarely lend a voice to local people. This means that they also fail to create and develop a social discourse displaying clear political understanding.


MemoTopo is a location based collective digital platform that offers the space for people from different ethnicities and identities of the same locality to discuss methods and means of representing themselves, and their heritage, especially in areas and communities, threatened by conflict …